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About Us

Secret Escapes operates in 21 countries worldwide and is the UK’s biggest members-only website that runs best-in-market flash sales of four-and five-star hotels and holidays. We offer our members exclusive rates of up to 70% off.

We already have more than 42 million members worldwide and a social-media following the size of a small country, and you can now find us everywhere from Spain to the US, from Sweden to Italy, Poland and Norway, from Germany to Switzerland, and elsewhere too. Founded in 2011, we’re (over 500 of us globally) doing big things fast and it’s all very exciting.

Working for the USA team at Secret Escapes

Secret Escapes launched Stateside in mid-2014, and since then we’ve become a 25-strong team of doers, movers and shakers. Being so far from the mothership, we have a real ‘start-up within a start-up’ mentality, with creative problem-solving and can-do attitude making up for some geographical challenges. Our New York City office is vibrant, fun and engaging, and our home workers across the country, from California to Chicago, bring in great deals and amazing work ethic.

“ I love the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of Secret Escapes. Everyone on our team has a voice and a common goal- giving our members the best travel deals in the world.”

Michelle Vejar, Media Director, North America

“Working on the USA team is not only inspiring because of the incredible properties and destinations we partner with but also, because of the people I get to interact with daily. With all our offices across the globe, working alongside people from every corner enriches my day to day experience and helps to make Secret Escapes the unique brand it is.”

Mitch Roy, Merchanding Executive

“I like working at Secret Escapes because we have a fun team of people who enjoy what they do. The office feels different from other places I've worked – you don't see people grinding through the day or getting stressed out. People are happy, and that's good for the business and everyone involved.”

Gil Christenberry, Editorial Assistant

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Secret Escapes Values

We Believe in our Vision

We're passionate about Inspiring the World to Escape, we don't just want to sell things to people, we truly believe we’re helping our customers have better experiences.

We're Open-minded

We ask for help, we listen and we learn – you’ll not hear anyone saying ‘it’s my way or the highway’. Our people are smart, our leaders consistent – everyone’s opinion counts and the winning formula is a mix of big, new, smart thinking and a desire to get things done.

We Love Data

Build. Measure. Learn. Iterate. There’s no blueprint for success - we all recognise that it’s up to us to choose the direction we travel in. A gut feel doesn’t cut it when we have data at our finger tips.

We Always Deliver

But our energy isn’t ever wasted. Running through our veins is a deep-rooted pragmatism; we’re a team of people that are data-driven and execution-focused. We reach our goals by taking the most effective, direct route and we always get the job done.

We're Good People

We combine our desire to win, deliver and be brilliant with a genuine humanity and integrity. It’s a real privilege to work with people we like. We promote from within and we invest in our team.

We Love Our Work

We expect work life to be challenging, rewarding and fun. We’re proud to be building something special. In short, we give it everything we’ve got.